New Updates of Cristiano Ronaldo by ibcbet

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Almost everyone in the whole world, fans of soccer or not, knows at least a few things about Cristiano Ronaldo, says ibcbet. For those who are not familiar with soccer, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the great soccer players. Not only that but Cristiano Ronaldo has been considered a legend in the soccer world. That is why many people love to look up to him and want to meet him whenever the chances come. At this moment, Cristiano Ronaldo joins one the great soccer teams Juventus. If you happen to be a huge fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, then you need to know some Cristiano Ronaldo new updates at ibcbet. As we all know, we all live in an era where every information is delivered through Internet. You do not need to wait to get the information of your favorite celebrities or artists or even soccer players such as Cristiano Ronaldo. You can get all of the information regarding Cristiano Ronaldo in a matter of seconds so you can always be updated about Cristiano Ronaldo.

The first Cristiano Ronaldo new update will be Raheem Sterling is supported to be the next Cristiano Ronaldo. As we have stated before, Cristiano Ronaldo is already considered a legend in the soccer world. Hence, it is not a surprising thing when there are many players who want to become the next Cristiano Ronaldo, just like Raheem Sterling. For those who are not familiar, Raheem Sterling is in the offense line of Manchester City. The legend of Barcelona, Xavi Hernandez, greatly support Raheem Sterling to be the next Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. Xavi believed that Raheem can become one of the best soccer players in the world due to his great improvement, says ibcbet.

It is believed that the improvement of Sterling’s performance is thanks to Pep Guardiola. Since Sterling is handled by Pep Guardiola, Sterling is able to score 25 goals throughout the last season and he also already score 6 goals in this season so far. That is why players such as Raheem Sterling and others are considered to fit to be the next Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi as these two are the best soccer players. As Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi already close to their last stages, it is time for other great soccer players to succeed. That is why Xavi believed and want Raheem Sterling to be able to succeed the throne as Sterling truly has great potentials in him,says ibcbet.

The second Cristiano Ronaldo new update is about his statement of Ballon d’Or award. As we all know, Cristiano Ronaldo is close to ending his career in the soccer field. With that being said, Cristiano Ronaldo stated that he wants to finish his career by winning one last Ballon d’Or. For those who are not familiar, Ballon d’Or is a kind of year award for a soccer player that has been doing great throughout the season. Cristiano Ronaldo stated that he deserves to win another Ballon d’Or as the best player ever, even more from Lionel Messi. We all know that Ronaldo and Messi are the most successful soccer players in the history of Ballon d’Or these past years. Each of them has been collecting five awards and still want to add another in the future, says ibcbet.

For the past years, Ronaldo and Messi have been dominating the award. But at the last year’s award, their consecutive award-winning is being stopped by Luka Modric. That is why Cristiano Ronaldo feels that he deserves to win another Ballon d’Or. At the interview session with Piers Morgan on ITV, Ronaldo stated that he is indeed deserved to win another award as the best soccer player in the world throughout the year. Not only that but Ronaldo also stated that he is sure that his name is in the history of soccer for what he has done, said ibcbet.

However, that does not mean that Ronaldo’s relationship with Messi is bad just because Ronaldo stated that he deserved the award more than Messi. He always respects Lionel Messi ever since they become a rival. Ronaldo even stated that Messi is a fantastic man and a fantastic player. He also belongs in the history of soccer. Ronaldo also admits that he, at least, needs six or seven or even eight years to be able to top Lionel Messi. Although Ronaldo stated that his relationship with Messi is good, that does not mean that Ronaldo and Messi are a friend. They are just rival that has been on the same stage for almost 15 years.

The last thing that you need to know about Cristiano Ronaldo’s new update is that even though Ronaldo and Messi are not friends with each other, Ronaldo stated that Messi has been the one who pushes Ronaldo to be better. These two have been motivating each other so they can become a better soccer player, said ibcbet.